Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I mount this kit to a belt?

Yes! This kit will fit comfortably on a battle belt, and the mounting panel will accommodate belts up to 2″ wide.

  • Other companies sell aid kits. What’s so special about yours?

As a paramedic with years of field experience treating shootings, stabbings, and major trauma, it was nearly impossible to find an aid kit which was purpose-built by someone who is both a shooter and a trained medical provider. This kit configuration has been carried on my ballistic vest at work, as well as my personal shooter’s belt, for years, and all of its contents have been used on real patients. I trust it with my life, and now you can too.

  • What is this IFAK for?

This kit is tailor-built for the immediate, first-line treatment of life threatening battlefield wounds, specifically for extremity hemorrhage and penetrating trauma to the chest and abdomen.

  • I don’t have any medical training. Can I still use this kit?

Yes. Tourniquet application, pressure bandaging, and chest seal application are simple, straightforward procedures that should be well within the grasp of any lay rescuer. You should still seek out as much hands on training as possible to become proficient, just like any other skill.

  • Which tourniquet should I choose?

Both the NAR CAT and TacMed SOF are CoTCCC approved for treatment of life-threatening extremity hemorrhage. Both are excellent devices trusted by experts all over the world. You should choose the tourniquet with which you are most familiar and have the most training.

  • I want a pouch in a pattern or color that isn’t available. When will they be?

Aside from current offerings, other patterns are in development. Wolf grey is being explored. If there’s something else you want, make it known! New colors and patterns take several months to develop and produce, so patience and enough interest is key.